Labs2Zero Pilot Energy Score Target Setter

Use this page to calculate the energy consumption levels you'll need to beat to achieve your target. Labs2Zero Pilot Energy Score. You don't need to be logged in to use this page. For more information on the Pilot Energy Score or on energy conversion factors, please see the FAQs.
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This chart shows the energy use intensity targets (Source and Site EUIs) corresponding to your chosen target Pilot Energy Score. The chart is displayed after you click Calculate. Use the Fuel Amounts box below to adjust the fuel mix to match your building.

Adjust the breakdown of fuel types to customize your results then click Update Chart. The default is an even split of Site EUI between fuel types. Because different fuel types have different site to source ratios, your target Site EUI may change if you change your fuel mix for a given target score (but your target Source EUI will stay the same).